About Sun Office Products


Sun Office Products is a 10 year old company with ownership and management that combined provides over 150 years of office supply experience! Founded in 2001 as Inovus Office Products, we changed our name to Sun Office Products in November of 2007 to simplify our marketing, create a lasting and positive impression, and to be the genesis of a brand that rises above the goods and services we provide. Today we deliver to over 12,000 customer locations in Colorado and throughout every state in U.S.  At Sun Office Products we know that Service, Technology, and Price Matter!

Our membership in the Trimega Purchasing Association, the largest office products buying group for Independent Office Products companies allows us to access factory direct pricing through collective buying power of over $4 Billion.

Sun Office Products utilizes ECi whichruns our entire business from Web Ordering to Accounting and all other Front and Back Office functions.  ECi is an industry specific software package utilized by over 5200 dealers and DDMS® logo, link to DDMS product information on ECiSolutions.comdistributors.  Over $100M in e-commerce sales flow through ECi web storefronts each month.  Additionally ECi systems process over $20 billion in transactions annually.

Services and Benefits

Service and Pricing:
Sun Office Products is committed to providing the very best pricing on over 46,000 business products listed in our catalogs; delivered nationwide the NEXT Day, and all products are fully guaranteed.

Additionally, having access to our 2,700 private label items will SAVE you 20% to 60% over the comparable branded item.

Over the past year,
more than 80% of our customers’ orders are processed via EDI or over the Internet through ECi, our state of the industry Web Ordering System.
Sun Office Products transacts more business with customer EDI Trading Partners than any other Independent Office Products company in the nation  The flexibility of our ECi Enterprise System allows us to integrate with any customer application where required. Sun can interface with your company’s ERP solution, just as we do with some of these systems:

Community Giving
Since the inception of our company we have given in excess of one million dollars to support the needs of both local and national Non Profits and Community Based Organizations. See Sun Office Products in the Community for a complete list of these remarkable organizations.

Green Program
Sun Office Products is committed to the Environment. Ask about our Go-Green Commitment to the environment and on-site recycling and document destruction. We carry over 7,000 products in our catalog and our Website with recycled post consumer waste; just look for the green recycle icon next to the product.

Healthcare Focus

Sun Office Products represents an innovative and new evolution in Office Products Dealers in that we have an entire department primarily focused in the Healthcare Market. Over 80% of our business is within this market segment. No other Independent Dealer in the nation has the experience or the sales volume that we have in Acute Care Hospitals, Long Term Care Communities, Health and Medical Equipment Manufacturers and local Healthcare Clinics.
Ask us for business references for some of our Customers within Healthcare. It reads like a” Who’s Who” of this industry!

Sun Office Products is currently doing business with over 10,000 Healthcare Facilities in the United States. Additionally, we generate more EDI orders with Healthcare Customers than ANY other independent dealer.

Sun Office Products is fully committed to our Healthcare Customers and we fully understand their Office Product needs. There is absolutely no difference in quality between office supplies from Sun Office Products and any other office supply source including those that have their names in sports stadiums and whose advertisements fall out of every Sunday Newspaper…but there is a huge difference in our cost savings - and the way we serve your community!

Nationwide Service

Sun Office Products has an extensive, Nationwide Distribution Network, ensuring delivery when you want it Coast-To-Coast.  Through our utilization of 39 major Distribution Centers, we can deliver product Next Business Day to over 95% of the U.S. Population.

So, whether your office is in Denver, Los Angeles, or Atlanta and you place an order today for your branch offices in Chicago, Portland, or Tampa – they’ll all receive it tomorrow.

Honolulu, Anchorage, San Juan?  Order today and these locations receive delivery within 48 to 72 hours.